Management structure

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Currently, the Directorate of KFU’s Program for Enhancing Its Competitive Ranking appears to be the core executive collegiate body of the Project 5-100. Rector manages the directorate, summons the meetings, chairs there and organizes taking of the minutes. The directorate members are to be approved by the order of Rector. The supervisor of the Directorate has deputies – members of the Directorate with one of them as a Project Manager of KFU’s Program for Enhancing Its Competitive Ranking, whereas others supervise priority area of KFU development and have the same powers as vice-rectors. Furthermore, the Directorate includes key vice-rectors, the administrator of KFU Programme for Enhancing Its Competitive Ranking as well as the heads of administrative university units.

The Directorate takes the following powers:

1) making decisions about opening new specialties and major academic programs with follow-up obtaining an educational license as prescribed;

2) adoption of the KFU structure, as well as its changes and amendments as concerns the organizational units engaged in educational and research activities, with exception to creation and liquidation of branches;

3) adoption of regulation samples for KFU organizational units as concerns the ones engaged in educational and research activities;

4) adoption of the KFU Charter, its changes and amendments;

5) development of a Strategy and a long-term development plan for KFU;

6) consideration, specification and making changes of the Programme for Enhancing KFU’s Competitive Ranking in view of its long-term development plan;

7) consideration of projects initiated in framework of the Programme for Enhancing KFU’s Competitive Ranking; approval of the volume of funds allocation, staffing, key performance indicators (KPI) as  to the projects realization;

8) summoning sessions of the KFU Academic Council, Supervisory Board, and Board of Trustees;

9) approval of the procedure of elections and competitions for teaching staff positions; reviewing and deciding on results of execution of effective (performance-based) contracts with KFU employees; making suggestions for changes and amendments to effective contracts;

10) selection of candidates from the leading Russian and international experts to work at KFU;

11) deciding on the need for changes and (or) amendments to the KFU local regulations;

12) other issues within the Directorate’s competence according to KFU regulations and the Charter.

Switching to the StrAU-based realization of the Programme for Enhancing KFU’s Competitive Ranking will retain the Directorate’s powers associated with the implementation of statutory, strategic and system-wide tasks of the university development (transformational component). In relation to the StrAU the Directorate retains the following duties:

  • overall coordination of the development process of all StrAUs, including coordination and approval of total budget of the StrAU; allocation of additional funds from budgetary and non-budgetary sources for the development of StrAU beyond the set limits; overall KPI by the StrAU, election and reelection of the StrAU heads based on results attained; expansion/ contraction of the number of StrAU members, administrative resubordination of the StrAU elements to the basic university.
  • making proposals on a new StrAUs establishment.

All powers relating to the decision of strategic and operational tasks assigned to a specific StrAU (including the allocation of financial resources within the StrAU, decomposition of KPIs between the StrAU’s projects, monitoring the effectiveness of the implementation of projects within the StrAU, personnel recruitment, choosing mechanisms and tools to achieve the target indicators, etc.) are delegated to the StrAU level.

The collegiate authorities of the StrAU “Astrochallenge” are as follows: the Coordinative Council of the StrAU and the Consultative Research and Expert Board of the StrAU. The executive authorities are as follows: the Directorate of the StrAU and Project Office of the StrAU.

The Coordinative Board of the StrAU is built upon the model regulations on the Academic Council of a structural subdivision of KFU and employs both administrative staff and research staff.

The Consultative Research and Expert Council of the StrAU performs strategic planning, project and outcomes review, aligns cooperation with outside organizations. The Consultative Research and Expert Council of the StrAU consists of minimum 7 persons, including KFU leading scholars, international researchers and heads of organizations, that order the most important projects in the space sphere.