Studies of quick-changing processes in the Universe

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The unique astronomical set of wide monitoring of the celestial sphere with subsecond temporal resolution MiniMegaTORTORA (ММТ) was created within the framework of the Program for Enhancing KFU’s Competitive Ranking among Leading World Centres of Higher Education and Research. It is the world’s unique telescope which allows solving problems of fundamental and applied astrophysics – from designation of motion paths of space debris elements to detection of dangerous asteroids. Supervisor – Vyacheslav Sasyuk, h=2, senior researcher of KFU, born 1971. Multichannel monitoring telescope was installed in the North Caucasus next to the 6-meter telescope of the RAS. The result is a satellite map of motion and space debris in the Earth orbit.

Research laboratory «Studies of quick-changing processes in the Universe» was headed by Marat Mingaliev (h = 12, research director of this area in SAO RAS, born 1953) for the analysis of the data. The leading invited scholars are Vladislav Stolyarov, h=30, born 1972; Grigory Beskin,h=12, born 1954 and others. Partners of the project are SAO RAS, Sternberg Astronomical Institute of MSU, Metsähovi Radio Observatory (Finland).