Radiophysical monitoring of meteoritic matter, atmosphere and ionosphere of the Earth

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This project is supported by a number of grants awarded by the RFBR and state assignments of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

Supervisor – prof. Oleg Sherstyukov, h=5, born 1959.

The University’s academic team is a recognized leader in this research area in Russia and among the top ten teams in the world. KFU created phase goniometric monitoring complexes of meteoritic material flow in the Earth’s atmosphere, ionosondes with high resolution which have no analogues.

Among the latest results are:

  • mapping the distribution of radiant microflow on the northern celestial hemisphere with a resolution of 2 by 2 degrees and registration of parameters of their orbits;
  • regional model of the dynamics of the middle atmosphere (90-110 km), which cannot be obtained by any other complex
  • a new radio meteor interferometric complex SKiYMETAll-SKY was installed at KFU’s Radiophysical Proving Ground within the framework of the Programme for Enhancing KFU’s Competitive Ranking among Leading World Centres of Higher Education and Research. Wayne K. Hocking from the Western University (London, Canada), h=35 took part in its launch. The research laboratory for
  • The research laboratory for investigation of Near space was opened.

Invited scholars

are Alexei Eliseev, a leading researcher of the Institute of Atmospheric Physics RAS, h=13, born 1962; Vladimir Frolov, a leading researcher at Nizhny Novgorod Research Institute of Physics, h=13, born 1956.

Project partners 
IZMIRAN, Nizhny Novgorod Research Institute of Physics, Moscow State University, Mari State Technical University, University of Leicester, University of Leipzig, etc.