Applying the results of space activities in the national economy

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Integral estimation and mapping of the ecological state of the river basins in Russia according to the remote sensing of Earth from space. Supervisors – Prof. Oleg Ermolaev, born 1957; h=6.

Projects are implemented in collaboration with the Institute of Space Research RAS, Belgorod National Research University, Moscow State University, Udmurt State University, Kursk Agricultural Academy and Siberian Department of the Institute of Geography RAS (Irkutsk).

The main outcomes of the research are: to find out influence of formation and functioning of small river systems and watersheds on the landscape and geographical conditions of the European part of Russia (about 5 million km2.); to work out mapping patterns of liquid and solid runoffs; to define a modern level of anthropogenic load on the basins, make integrated quantitative estimation of their geo-environmental conditions; present spatial and temporal patterns of development of modern processes of natural and human-induced erosion on agricultural land of the European part of Russia, according to remote sensing (satellite imagery).