Fault-finding equipment for cars and machinery constructed at Kazan University

The new vibration diagnostics tool is called “Resonance” and is based on wireless micro shock sensors.

The equipment is being worked on at the Laboratory of Prospective Orientation, Navigation and Communication Systems and is the top in its class by a number of parameters.

Acting Lab Head Pyotr Kokunin explains, “Our nondestructive vibration diagnostics system yields quick and detailed results for different types of machines, lathes, devices, and industrial equipment. No stoppage or special tests are needed, as the control can be exercised in medias res of the production process. Analysis is made in accordance with ISO standards and methods of Machine Condition Monitoring. Resonance is easily installed and demounted, its sensors are nonvolatile. It can be used for constant or one-time monitoring of industrial equipment. For example, auto repair shops can use it for car diagnostics, and oil companies can mount sensors on drilling rigs to forestall faults.”

Special software has been assembled for Resonance. It transfers diagnostics data to workstations and special mobile apps.